Deer Repellent

How to recognize deer damage:

When deer eat plant foliage, they rip it off, leaving ragged edges on twigs, stems, and leaves. Deer damage will look random. Deer will eat foliage up to the height they can reach on their hind legs.

Checking for other potential signs of deer damage:

  1. Do you have deer tracks? Deer tracks are shaped like broken hearts, and are about 2 to 3 inches long.
  2. Do you see deer droppings? Also called scat.
  3. Do you see deer at certain times of the day? Deer are most active after dusk and just before dawn.
  4. Do you see deer in your neighborhood, yard, or as a road side casualty? Visibility.


If you answered yes to any of these questions and your plants and shrubs are showing signs of damage, a contact repellent may be the answer. It is safe for deer, and will detour them due to the foul taste. The general formula is Habanero, Hot Sauce, Garlic, and Caster Oil. This acts as a natural organic deer repellent.


We specialize in late fall winter guard deer protection for Ornamental shrubs:

  1. One application lasts all winter.
  2. Dries clear with no unsightly white residue.
  3. Safe for all wildlife.
  4. Competitively priced.


Deer and flower protection:

During the growing season, should be as follows; One application per month applied to all flower beds and flowering shrubs, April thru September. Despite our best efforts some damage may occur due to the fast growing rate of some varieties during warm moist months.

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