Top 5 Reasons to Get Professional Tick Treatment for Your Yard

Tick Treatment for Yard - Greenskeeper Lawn CareThere’s nothing better than a great weekend spent in your backyard. We all count down to the warm months and dream of spending countless hours growing a garden, playing catch, and just enjoying the sunshine.

However, there are plenty of insects who wait for the same months to enjoy your yard as well—and some of them aren’t harmless creatures. Ticks are one of the pests who enjoy your shrubs, grass, trees, and the dampest parts of your property in many areas. To prevent ticks from becoming a part of your sweet summertime, it’s important that you invest in a tick treatment for your yard if you live in a tick-heavy area!

1) A tick treatment gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Whether you have children who love the outdoors, friends or neighbors over every weekend, or just personally enjoy your time in your yard, you deserve the peace and quiet. The outdoors is the place to escape from your daily stress and tasks. Ticks and other pests prevent that peace of mind from happening. By preparing for the season and having the tick treatment for your yard, you’re guaranteed to have a better, less stressful time outdoors.

2) It prevents your household pets from getting ticks.

We all love our dogs, and we love to share in their happiness as they run and play outside without a care in the world. However, ticks love your dog just as much as you love your dog. Instead of having to put chemical-laden tick treatment directly on your dog’s skin every month, or spending hours searching your dog for ticks every time he or she is outdoors, treat your yard. It will save you so much time and money in the long run.

3) It keeps ticks from entering your home, whether they stay on you or not.

Ticks don’t just attach to humans and animals. No, they can survive living without blood for up to 3 years. This means they can survive in your carpet and other parts of your household once they enter from the outdoors! By having the treatment done, you’re saving countless hours getting your carpet and furniture cleaned.

4) It saves your yard from being damaged.

Ticks are not too damaging to the environment, but having to treat your property after a major infestation can be damaging. A routine tick treatment will not hurt your yard, but it keeps it from the potential damage of the other pests that come along with ticks. Ticks are food for some animals and they’re attractive to other pests such as mice and deer. These animals can cause damage to your yard as well.

5) Allows you to enjoy the variety of shrubs and plants both you and ticks enjoy.

Do you enjoy taller grasses, bushes, and other taller, thicker plants? They definitely add depth to your landscape, and provide a great outdoor oasis. The problem is, ticks also love to live within this type of setting. The best way to keep your landscaping nice is to treat it for ticks. That way, you can enjoy it without having to share.

Make sure to plan ahead and get the right tick treatment for your yard before the summer months. That way, you can get the most time in your yard this year, without dangerous, annoying pests.

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