Start With Soil Testing

Do you know the importance of soil testing? Find out more about soil testing and what it means in this video.

People often ask, what’s the importance of soil testing? Well, basically the reason you want to test the soil is to find out what the pH level is. The pH actually if its not up around neutral, all the products you may be putting on your lawn like your fertilizer may not becoming available to the plant. So, without testing the pH we don’t know what the baseline is. You can do this yourself. Take some samples. Get a shovel, dig up a couple different spots on your lawn – usually you take a sample from the front, from the back, and from the side. Put it in a little baggy, take it to your extension service, the DEEP, and they’ll usually test it for the homeowner, I believe, for free. If you want a professional service to do it, give us a call – it’s a routine service we provide. It’s a tool that we use, so we know how much fertilizer to put down, what type of fertilizer to put down – and this is one of the steps you need to take to have a good lawn.

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