10 Important Lawn Care Tips for Summer

10 Important Lawn Care Tips for Summer - Greenskeeper Lawn CareGet a lush lawn to be proud of with our ten best lawn care tips for summer.

1. Test your soil before planting or fertilizing

Before you do anything else to your lawn, get a soil test done. You can order a soil test online for cheap, or you can get one from your local extension office or lawncare expert.

Why it’s Important: We promise, it can save you money and it doesn’t take as long as you might think! There are dozens of minerals that make up the soil, and the balance of minerals determines what will grow well. You don’t want to fertilize until you know what you need to add to your soil.

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Do It Yourself Lawn Care Misconceptions

In this video Joe Konkol of Greenskeeper Lawn Care talks about some of the issues home owners tend to get into when taking care of their lawn on their own – and offers a few good suggestions to help them prevent problems down the road.

Video Transcription
A lot of people can do this themselves if they have the time and the knowledge. But what happens is people get all excited and we go through a winter, there’s snow, people are inside hunkering down. Then it starts getting nice and everybody gets excited, they go to the garden store, they get their spreader, they get their fertilizer. They come home all excited, get their first app down. And that’s it.

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How To Prevent Crabgrass (And Who Do We Blame For Creating It)

Getting ready for your grass to start growing again? Well, that’s not all that grows …

In this video I talk about the different types of crabgrass and when they pop up, and how the government is responsible! (conspiracy theory?)

Video Transcription
Joe Konkol here of Greenskeeper Lawn Care. I’m here to give you a few tips on crabgrass. This is the time of the season we put down our crabgrass pre-emergent. And here is a fact that you may not know. In the 1849 I believe, United States Government actually introduced crabgrass to help feed the plains animals. And if they only knew that this was going to turn into a multi-million or maybe billion dollar business for trying to keep it out.

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