How To Prevent Crabgrass (And Who Do We Blame For Creating It)

Getting ready for your grass to start growing again? Well, that’s not all that grows …

In this video I talk about the different types of crabgrass and when they pop up, and how the government is responsible! (conspiracy theory?)

Video Transcription
Joe Konkol here of Greenskeeper Lawn Care. I’m here to give you a few tips on crabgrass. This is the time of the season we put down our crabgrass pre-emergent. And here is a fact that you may not know. In the 1849 I believe, United States Government actually introduced crabgrass to help feed the plains animals. And if they only knew that this was going to turn into a multi-million or maybe billion dollar business for trying to keep it out.

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How To Kill Crabgrass

Is your lawn overun with unsightly crabgrass? In this video you will learn some useful tips for getting rid of crabgrass once and for all.

What do you do if you didn’t get your pre-emergent down … how can you get rid of the crabgrass that you have? Well, at this point you’re usually a little behind the eight ball because now you have to use a post emergent herbicide, and post emergent herbicide are gonna do a pretty good job of eliminating the crabgrass, but each crabgrass plant generates thousands and thousands of seeds, so they just keep coming up all summer long. The best thing you can do is to wait until the end of the summer and where those tough crabgrass areas are, renovate them, use a slit seeder, overseed them, and then in the spring of the following year get your pre-emergent down at the right time and that will eliminate your crabgrass problems the following year.