It’s All About The Soil – How To Get Started Improving Your Lawn

In this video Joe talks about how to get started making your lawn healthier and greener, citing his own lawn as an example – and he explains why the best place to start is with a soil test.

Video Transcription
My lawn actually is a lawn that we built the house and when we built the house it was a treed lot … it was a farm property at one point, there is a stone wall right down the middle of it so you know it was used for farming. So over the course of years of farming the soil I guess got to be pretty decent and the base is everything! Because of that, we don’t do a lot to it. We don’t use a lot of chemicals on it. We don’t even use a lot of fertilizer on it. It’s always relatively in good shape. We don’t even have an irrigation system.

So my point being is that it’s the base that’s so important. And we start with a good base, we’re going to have a really good lawn. But the problem is, a lot of times when we go to people’s houses, we got to deal with what they have, so we have to try to amend that soil. We got to try maybe if it’s clay break it up with gypsum. If there’s not organic matter in it add compost to it, try to get it up to speed. And if you do these things over the course of time it’s not a quick fix, but the lawn will get better and better and better over the course of time.

Let’s say you move into your house and the lawn doesn’t look that great, the best thing to do is get a soil test, that give you a starting point. You need a benchmark to tell you how much fertilizer to put down, what type of fertilizer, what type of lime if the pH is low. Do a soil test first and it will give you a starting point, some direction.

Not sure where to start? Contact us and we’ll come out and take a look at your lawn.

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