Benefits Of Using A Local Independent Lawn Care Company

In this video, owner Joe Konkol talks about some of the key differences between using a local independent lawn care company like Greenskeeper Lawn Care and some of the large national chain / franchise companies.

Video Transcription:

There is definitely a lot of competition out there. There are companies that come from New Hampshire that come down to Connecticut to do work, or from Hartford. They can’t just give them the same customer service that we offer. There are companies out there all they want to do is sign you up for lawn care. They want to get you on the schedule where they come out and do their six or seven rounds, or eight rounds, and they don’t really want to solve a problem. A lot of times we’re going out, we’re getting people that have had XYZ company and they still have the same problem. You have to do a little more research, a little more looking a little closer at the turf, what kind of grass they have, what kind of conditions they have, what kind of soil types that are present, and try to customize a program that’s going to address these problems. Whether you have to bring in compost, gypsum, use a different culture or seed, so there’s a lot of little things that you can do maybe a general aeration program if there’s a lot of clay and you want to alleviate the compaction, so it’s a little bit of a more thought out process than just getting somebody to spend their money and get them on the carousel and go around and around with the services.
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Organic Deer Repellent Using Habanero Peppers

Here’s a quick tip from Joe on how to make an organic deer repellent that’s safe for pets, kids, and the environment.

Video Transcription:
Greenskeeper Lawn Care is your local family owned lawn care company. Today owner Joe Konkol talks about their homemade organic deer repellent at a site in Milford, CT.

You may be wondering why I’m holding these habanero peppers here. Well, we use these habanero peppers in our deer repellent, which we make ourselves. What we actually do is put these jalapeno peppers, or habanero peppers in a juicer – we mix it with a little castor oil and a little garlic, and we spray it on the vegetation to keep the deer away. The castor oil is a great sticker – sticks the habanero juice to the plant and usually we get season long control.

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Fall Cleanup Tip: Did You Know It’s Bad To “Mow Your Leaves”?

This is a common question – does it matter if I just mow the leaves or rake them. It actually makes a big difference … watch the video–MWsoA

Video Transcription:
Greenskeeper Lawn Care is your local family owned lawn care company, keeping Fairfield County lawns beautiful since 1964 – today, owner Joe Konkol is in Shelton, talking about a common fall cleanup question – “is it ok to cut up my leaves with the mower?”

The worst thing you could possibly do is to leave the leaves on your lawn and cut them up – a lot of people circumvent one of the steps in finishing their lawn for the season and cut them up with the mower and leave them on the lawn. The acid from the leaves will lower you pH it can circumvent how well the grass does in the spring. Best thing to do is get them off the lawn.

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Greenskeeper Lawn care Gives Fairfield Home Owner Suggestions To Rejuvinate Lawn After Hurricaine Sandy

One long time client in the beach section of Fairfield Called about salt water damage to her lawn. My recommendations are as follows;
First, the lawn should be aerated in three or four directions. We want to open up the pours of the soil. Next, apply 50 lbs of gypsum per thousand square feet. The gypsum will help leach out the salt from the soil. If all possible water lawn 4-5 inches deep. One week later return and power seed lawn in two directions and apply a starter fertilizer with low potassium.

How To Use Beer To Get A Green Lawn

Did you know you can make your lawn greener with beer? In this video we will give you a simple recipe to help make your lawn emerald green.

We have an interesting tip about how to make your lawn green and healthy using beer.

Here is the recipe:
-1 cup of listerine
-1 cup of epsom salt
-1 cup of ammonia
-1/2 cup of dishwashing soap
-2 bottles of beer

Mix it up in a slurry and put it in a backpack sprayer or a hand pump sprayer, then spray down your lawn and water it in, and in a week or two the lawn will be emerald green!