Do It Yourself Lawn Care Misconceptions

In this video Joe Konkol of Greenskeeper Lawn Care talks about some of the issues home owners tend to get into when taking care of their lawn on their own – and offers a few good suggestions to help them prevent problems down the road.

Video Transcription
A lot of people can do this themselves if they have the time and the knowledge. But what happens is people get all excited and we go through a winter, there’s snow, people are inside hunkering down. Then it starts getting nice and everybody gets excited, they go to the garden store, they get their spreader, they get their fertilizer. They come home all excited, get their first app down. And that’s it.

Now it looks good for awhile, then they get busy with the children or doing this and doing that. By the time they get into summer they forget to do an app, maybe the grub proofing. Towards the end of summer the lawn is not looking all that good because they forgot the steps. They didn’t have the knowledge.

The biggest thing about a homeowner doing their lawn, I think people get carried away with it. They think more chemical is better or more product is better. And I see a lot of times where they go to some box store and the guy there sells them the material and they don’t really know the analysis of the fertilizer. The box store spreader and it’s supposed to be set at this number. For some reason the calibration is off on the spreader and they go to do the lawn and they burn the whole lawn. Try to not maybe put down the highest rated nitrogen in case you do make that mistake. Go down with the lower N number. It will be like a 10-10-10. Because if you over apply you may not have a problem.

That’s one of the biggest tips I see is people think more is better, even with the herbicides, or the pesticides. They think if they use half a bottle instead of what the label tells them to use, they’re going to get better results. That’s not necessarily true. They can have problems with the environment. They can have leaching into the groundwater. So you should follow the label. I don’t think people take the time to read the label and the labels are pretty intense. The print is small and there could be pages, three or four pages associated with a product. And what happens is that they don’t tend to read the label. They’ll go to the box store and somebody sells them stuff who’s maybe never even done this before, tells them what to do and they go home and do it and they have a problem.

Lawns burn or nothing is growing or you don’t see anything, insects or anything because they just totally nuked the whole property.

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