5 Easy Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

5 Easy Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard - Greenskeeper Lawn Care1. Put Up Deer Barriers

Tall fences or big hedges are the best ways to keep deer out of your yard. But maybe fencing it in isn’t an option. This article is called “5 EASY Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard,” after all, and installing a fence or planting a hedge isn’t something you can do in a day.

You can install deer-proof garden netting over your fruits and vegetables, bushes, or flowers. You can find this in most garden centers. To protect your tree trunks and leaves, there are all kinds of tree protectors on the market that physically bar deer from nibbling on the trees.

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Organic Deer Repellent Using Habanero Peppers

Here’s a quick tip from Joe on how to make an organic deer repellent that’s safe for pets, kids, and the environment.


Video Transcription:
Greenskeeper Lawn Care is your local family owned lawn care company. Today owner Joe Konkol talks about their homemade organic deer repellent at a site in Milford, CT.

You may be wondering why I’m holding these habanero peppers here. Well, we use these habanero peppers in our deer repellent, which we make ourselves. What we actually do is put these jalapeno peppers, or habanero peppers in a juicer – we mix it with a little castor oil and a little garlic, and we spray it on the vegetation to keep the deer away. The castor oil is a great sticker – sticks the habanero juice to the plant and usually we get season long control.

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