5 Easy Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

5 Easy Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard - Greenskeeper Lawn Care1. Put Up Deer Barriers

Tall fences or big hedges are the best ways to keep deer out of your yard. But maybe fencing it in isn’t an option. This article is called “5 EASY Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard,” after all, and installing a fence or planting a hedge isn’t something you can do in a day.

You can install deer-proof garden netting over your fruits and vegetables, bushes, or flowers. You can find this in most garden centers. To protect your tree trunks and leaves, there are all kinds of tree protectors on the market that physically bar deer from nibbling on the trees.

There’s an even cheaper and easier option that might work, and as a bonus, it’s almost invisible! Simply wrap fishing line around the area you want to protect. The deer won’t be able to see it, and they’ll run into it and get confused. We suggest placing the fishing wire about 2-3 feet off the ground and having secure attachment points so you can pull it taut.

2. Install Bright Lights

Deer often prefer to eat overnight. If you never see deer in your yard during the day but you wake up in the morning with your shrubs nibbled to sticks, then a floodlight might help scare away timid deer. Install a motion-sensing light that will shine directly on the deer’s preferred feeding area. Keep in mind that they might get used to the light after a few sessions, so you’ll probably want to double up on protection. But, as a bonus, motion-sensing lights can also help protect your home and garden from other intruders besides deer.

3. Keep Deer Out of Your Yard with Noise

One easy way to scare deer is to place a radio outside and set it to the static in between stations. Windchimes might help too. Loud bangs may help too, though they don’t tend to make a lasting impression on deer.

4. Scare Away Deer with Unpleasant Smells

There are lots of smelly products on the market that are meant to keep deer away. From rotten-egg-smell to spicy pepper spray to coyote urine (yes, it’s a thing that people buy!), there are lots of products that deer dislike the smell of.

If you don’t want to buy something, there are regular, everyday household items that might work just as well. Here are some of the household products that people swear by:

• Cayenne pepper
• Garlic
• Ammonia
• Hair clippings (dog or human)
• Scented soap
• Fabric softener squares
• Strong-smelling essential oils or herbs

It’s best to try more than one and see what will keep deer out of your yard. Also, some evidence suggests that switching it up is a good idea. Your deer might eventually learn that the scented soap hanging from your tree doesn’t cause them harm, so you’ll need to switch to a different method.

5. Spray the Deer with Water

You can install motion-sensor sprinklers in your yard, either at the entrance points to the garden or next to the plants that the deer are eating. Deer are easily frightened, and a sudden jet of water is likely to send them running.

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