Lawn Renovation in Westport, CT

I just did a proposal for a lawn renovation on Keyser Rd in Westport,Ct. I plan to use a product called Tenacity.It’s a great product if you have to seed in the spring.It is applied just before seeding -so new grass can flourish without weeds. Here is an interesting story on how this product came about.A scientist in California noticed that no weeds were growing under a bottle bush(Callistemon citrinus)The scientist came to the conclusion that the plant must be producing allelochemicals that naturally suppress weed competition. The allelochicals were synthesized to produce mesotrine. The active ingredient in Tenacity.

It’s All About The Soil – How To Get Started Improving Your Lawn

In this video Joe talks about how to get started making your lawn healthier and greener, citing his own lawn as an example – and he explains why the best place to start is with a soil test.

Video Transcription
My lawn actually is a lawn that we built the house and when we built the house it was a treed lot … it was a farm property at one point, there is a stone wall right down the middle of it so you know it was used for farming. So over the course of years of farming the soil I guess got to be pretty decent and the base is everything! Because of that, we don’t do a lot to it. We don’t use a lot of chemicals on it. We don’t even use a lot of fertilizer on it. It’s always relatively in good shape. We don’t even have an irrigation system.

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