Benefits Of Using A Local Independent Lawn Care Company

In this video, owner Joe Konkol talks about some of the key differences between using a local independent lawn care company like Greenskeeper Lawn Care and some of the large national chain / franchise companies.

Video Transcription:

There is definitely a lot of competition out there. There are companies that come from New Hampshire that come down to Connecticut to do work, or from Hartford. They can’t just give them the same customer service that we offer. There are companies out there all they want to do is sign you up for lawn care. They want to get you on the schedule where they come out and do their six or seven rounds, or eight rounds, and they don’t really want to solve a problem. A lot of times we’re going out, we’re getting people that have had XYZ company and they still have the same problem. You have to do a little more research, a little more looking a little closer at the turf, what kind of grass they have, what kind of conditions they have, what kind of soil types that are present, and try to customize a program that’s going to address these problems. Whether you have to bring in compost, gypsum, use a different culture or seed, so there’s a lot of little things that you can do maybe a general aeration program if there’s a lot of clay and you want to alleviate the compaction, so it’s a little bit of a more thought out process than just getting somebody to spend their money and get them on the carousel and go around and around with the services.
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