Fall Cleanup Tip: Did You Know It’s Bad To “Mow Your Leaves”?

This is a common question – does it matter if I just mow the leaves or rake them. It actually makes a big difference … watch the video


Video Transcription:
Greenskeeper Lawn Care is your local family owned lawn care company, keeping Fairfield County lawns beautiful since 1964 – today, owner Joe Konkol is in Shelton, talking about a common fall cleanup question – “is it ok to cut up my leaves with the mower?”

The worst thing you could possibly do is to leave the leaves on your lawn and cut them up – a lot of people circumvent one of the steps in finishing their lawn for the season and cut them up with the mower and leave them on the lawn. The acid from the leaves will lower you pH it can circumvent how well the grass does in the spring. Best thing to do is get them off the lawn.

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